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Enforcement Hotline

How We Can Help You

The Enforcement Hotline is used to informally resolve disputes in matters within the Commission's jurisdiction without litigation or other formal, lengthy proceedings.  The Enforcement Hotline invites market participants and the general public to call, email or write the Hotline to complain or report market activities or transactions that may be market manipulation, an abuse of an affiliate relationship, a tariff violation, or other possible violation or concern. All information and documents obtained through the Hotline are non-public, consistent with 18 C.F.R. §1b.9 External Link of the Commission's regulations.

Anyone may ask the Hotline for help or information about any matters within the Commission's jurisdiction.

Past Hotline calls have included complaints about:

  • Market Manipulation;
  • Bidding anomalies;
  • Price spikes;
  • Inappropriate use of financial instruments;
  • Fluctuations in available capacity on electric transmission lines and natural gas pipelines;
  • Interconnection discrimination;
  • Possible Tariff violations; and
  • Undue preferences to affiliates.

When We Cannot Help

To receive assistance with disputes involving the construction and operation of FERC jurisdictional projects, landowners may contact the Commissionís Landowner Helpline Toll Free at 1-877-337-2237 or by Email at LandownerHelp@ferc.gov.

Problems involving gas or electric service or billing for retail customers are not within the Commission's jurisdiction. Such problems should be directed to your state commission or, if relevant, local regulatory agency. Websites for each state commission can be found through the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Leaving FERC.

The Enforcement Hotline cannot assist in a matter relating to issues in docketed or contested Commission proceedings. Communications through the Enforcement Hotline to advisory staff would violate the Commission's rule at 18 C.F.R.§385.2201 Leaving FERC prohibiting off-the-record communications. Prohibited communications related to a pending contested proceeding are not confidential and must be identified in the Federal Register and placed in a public file associated with the docket.
If you have a question regarding safety of an interstate natural gas pipeline, you should contact the Department of Transportation's Office of Pipeline Safety Leaving FERC

Enforcement Hotline
Telephone: 202-502-8390
Toll-free: 1-888-889-8030
FAX: 202-208-0057
Email: hotline@ferc.gov

US Mail:
888 First St. NE - 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20426


Updated: April 23, 2015