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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Natural Gas

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» Commission's Responsibilities
  • Regulation of pipeline, storage, and liquefied natural gas facility construction.
  • Regulation of natural gas transportation in interstate commerce.
  • Issuance of certificates of public convenience and necessity to prospective companies providing energy services or constructing and operating interstate pipelines and storage facilities.
  • Regulation of facility abandonment.
  • Establishment of rates for services.
  • Regulation of the transportation of natural gas as authorized by the NGPA (Natural Gas Policy Act) and the OCSLA (Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act).
  • Oversight of the construction and operation of pipeline facilities at U.S. points of entry for the import or export of natural gas.

 Gas Pipelines and Storage LNG Environment
Gas Pipelines Gas Storage
Initiatives Seminars
  • August 9–11, 2016 - FERC Environmental Review and Compliance for Natural Gas Facilities Seminar (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) View Details

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Environmental Documents
  • July 29, 2016 - FERC Staff Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement for Golden Pass Products, LLC; and Golden Pass Pipeline, LLC’s Golden Pass LNG Export Project (Docket Nos. CP14-517-000, and CP14-518-000)
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  • July 29, 2016 - FERC Staff Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Rover Pipeline, Panhandle Backhaul, and Trunkline Backhaul Projects (Docket Nos. CP15-93-000, CP15-94-000 and CP15-96-000)
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Annual Charges
The Commission receives an annual appropriation from Congress to defray its operating costs. Read More
Safety & Inspections
Once Natural Gas pipeline projects become operational, safety is regulated, monitored and enforced by the Department of Transportation. Read More
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