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Eric Primosch

Eric Primosch
Education: University of Maryland, College Park, B.A. Economics, 2005
Joined FERC: Intern, Summer 2004
Economist, July 2005

“Transitioning to FERC after graduation was a natural and logical choice for me. I enjoyed my assignments and the people that I met during my summer internship. I am learning a lot about the energy industry.

As an economist in the Natural Gas Oversight group in the Office of Enforcement, I pay close attention to market behavior in the Midwest. Price fluctuations in the industry are common, so I look for anomalies and trends that may indicate unusual and unexpected market behaviors. I was very excited to see how the supply and demand laws are actually applied to the industry and happy to put my academic training to use.

I enjoy working on a team with a wide background of disciplines. The economists, attorneys and accountants all work together to help prevent prohibited market behavior. Although I had no prior energy background, I was quickly able to learn about the industry through FERC training and various hands-on projects.

I grew up in Bethesda, MD. So working in the D.C. area is something I have always wanted to do. I spend a great deal of my time in Washington D.C. enjoying the exciting cultural events.”

Updated: June 28, 2010