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Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO)/Independent System Operators (ISO)

Conferences/Workshops October 16, 2014 - Item A-4: Commission Reviews Actions to Improve Cold-Weather Grid Performance News Release | Presentation PDF

August 26, 2014 - FERC Seeks Comment on Collection of Performance Metrics for ISOs, RTOs and Regions Outside ISOs and RTOs Notice PDF | Staff Report PDF
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Independent System Operators grew out of Orders Nos. 888/889 where the Commission suggested the concept of an Independent System Operator as one way for existing tight power pools to satisfy the requirement of providing non-discriminatory access to transmission. Subsequently, in Order No. 2000, the Commission encouraged the voluntary formation of Regional Transmission Organizations to administer the transmission grid on a regional basis throughout North America (including Canada). Order No. 2000 delineated twelve characteristics and functions that an entity must satisfy in order to become a Regional Transmission Organization.

RTO/ISO Regions Conferences Staff Report

Updated: October 21, 2014