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FERC Gas Tariffs - Historical

As of September 30, 2010, all gas pipeline tariff filings must be made using the eTariff filing system. The FASTR tariff system, used from 1988 for Natural Gas Act interstate pipelines’ open access tariffs, was retired September 30, 2010.  Current gas pipeline tariffs are available on the eTariff Viewer.  For information on the new electronic tariff format, see eTariff.

Download WinFASTR and utilities FERC Automated System for Tariff Retrieval
Online Guide to WinFASTR Documentation and Instructions for WinFASTR
FASTR File Format Instructions Documentation and examples for the FASTR file format
View Individual Tariffs
updated 3/2/2011
Company Tariff sheets in HTML and PDF format
1991-2010 Archives WinFASTR tariff data files from 1991 through 2010

Tariff Codes

NGA Pipeline Tariff Codes used by the FASTR data files

Disclaimer: The FASTR tariff data are being provided to help the public review historical tariff provisions electronically. The rendition of the tariff provisions and the status of these provisions are based on the best efforts of Commission staff, but does not necessarily represent the rates or terms and conditions of service on file at any particular point in time. Reference should be made to the Commission orders to establish the filed rates or terms and conditions of service.


eTariff Viewer

Updated: March 8, 2011