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Existing FERC Jurisdictional LNG Import/Export Terminals

Peñuelas, Puerto Rico

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Guayanilla Bay LNG

Docket No.: CP95-35-000

Company Name: EcoElectrica, L.P. External Link
Peñuelas is an existing LNG import facility located at Guayanilla Bay, Peñuelas, about nine miles west of Ponce, Puerto Rico. The gas is used to power a 461 megawatt cogeneration plant which sells electricity to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and uses steam to power a desalination facility on the site.

The order granting authority to construct and operate the LNG facility was issued on May 15, 1996. Approval to begin importing LNG was issued on June 20, 2000. The LNG facilities consist of: (1) a marine terminal with an 1800-foot pier for unloading LNG tankers; (2) two 1,000,000-barrel LNG storage tanks; (3) a vaporization system; (4) various control systems; and (5) piping and other ancillary equipment.
Order Granting NGA Section 3 Authorization for the Siting, Construction, and Operation of LNG Facility PDF

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Peñuelas, PR
Puerto Rico
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Updated: April 19, 2012