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Small/Low-Impact Hydropower Projects

Dispute Resolution Process (4.38(b)(6) External Link)
Should the applicant, agency, or a tribe disagree on any needed studies, the disagreement can be referred to the Commission for resolution The entity requesting the dispute must file the request with the Secretary of the Commission and serve a copy of the written request for dispute resolution on the disagreeing party and any affected resource agency or tribe at the same time it submits the request to the Commission. The affected parties have 15 days to file written responses to the referral. The Commission will resolve the dispute by letter.

If an applicant does not refer a dispute regarding a request for information or a study or if the applicant disagrees with the Commission's resolution of the dispute, the applicant must fully explain the basis for the disagreement in the license application.
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Conduit Exemptions
Robert Bell
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Tom Dean
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Small/Low-Impact Hydropower Projects

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Updated: May 3, 2012