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ADR - News
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The FERC ADR News newsletter highlights ADR activities in various FERC offices.

FERC ADR News issues:

Toll Free Helpline and Landowners Complaints
Toll-free: 1-877-337-2237
FAX: 202-219-2730
Email: ferc.adr@ferc.gov

ADR Comments

Deborah Osborne, Director
Telephone: 202-502-8831
Email: deborah.osborne@ferc.gov

Joshua Hurwitz, Deputy Director
Telephone: 202-502-6668
Email: joshua.hurwitz@ferc.gov

Dispute Resolution Specialists:

Jeffrey 'JD' Hoyle
Telephone: 202-502-6198
Email: jeffrey.hoyle@ferc.gov

Rebeccah Ratner
Telephone: 202-502-6654
Email: rebeccah.ratner@ferc.gov

Sara Klynsma, Program Assistant
Telephone: 202-502-8259
Email: sara.klynsma@ferc.gov


Updated: Updated: February 27, 2015