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      September 1, 2015
        Chairman Bay Names Max Minzner as General Counsel News Release

      August 19, 2015
      August 14, 2015
        FERC Staff issues Final Environmental Impact Statement for Lake Charles Liquefaction Project (Docket Nos. CP14-119-000, CP14-120-000, and CP14-122-000) Read More

      August 12, 2015
        FERC staff sends Twentieth Report to Congress on progress made in licensing and constructing the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Report PDF

      August 5, 2015
        FERC staff issue Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Oregon LNG Project and the Washington Expansion Project (CP09-6, CP09-7 and CP13-507) Read More

      August 3, 2015
      July 28, 2015
      July 27, 2015
      July 24, 2015
      July 23, 2015
      July 23, 2015
      July 22, 2015
        Testimony of OEIS Director Joseph H. McClelland before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Testimony PDF | Event Details

      July 21, 2015
      July 17, 2015
        FERC Staff Issues Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Magnolia LNG and Lake Charles Expansion Projects (CP14-347-000 and CP14-511-000) Read More

      July 16, 2015
        Item: E-1: FERC Eyes Development of Supply Chain Cyber Controls in New Reliability Standards News Release | Commissioners' Statements: LaFleur | NOPR PDF

      July 13, 2015
        FERC to convene a Technical Conference on the Five-Year Review of the Oil Pipeline Index on July 30, 2015 Notice PDF | Event Details

Updated: August 19, 2015