(December 17, 2009)

The Commission acted on the following items at the December 17, 2009 Commission Meeting:

Item #Docket #Company
A-3 AD07-13-0022009 Report on Enforcement
E-1ER99-1773-009AES Creative Resources, L.P.
 ER99-2284-009AEE 2, L.L.C.
 ER98-2185-014AES Alamitos, Inc.
 ER99-1761-005AES Eastern Energy, L.P.
 ER98-2184-014AES Huntington Beach, L.L.C.
 ER01-1315-005AES Ironwood, L.L.C.
 ER00-33-011AES Placertia Inc.
 ER01-2401-011AES Red Oak, L.L.C.
 ER98-2186-015AES Redondo Beach, L.L.C.
 ER05-442-003Condon Wind Power, LLC
 ER00-1026-016Indianapolis Power & Light Company
 ER97-2904-008Lake Benton Power Partners, LLC
 ER01-751-010Mountain View Power Partners, LLC
 ER99-1228-007Storm Lake Power Partners II, L.L.C.
E-2 ER09-1589-000American Transmission Systems, Inc.
 EL10-6-000American Transmission Systems, Inc. v. PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.
E-3 ER09-1063-000PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.
E-4 EL09-72-000Pacific Gas and Electric Company
E-5 EL10-3-000Citizens Energy Corporation
E-6 RM09-8-000Revised Mandatory Reliability Standards for Interchange Scheduling and Coordination
E-7RM07-19-002Wholesale Competition in Regions with Organized Electric Markets
E-8 RM06-22-010Mandatory Reliability Standards for Critical Infrastructure Protection
E-9 RD09-7-001North American Electric Reliability Corporation
E-10 ER10-116-000Trans Bay Cable LLC
E-11 ER08-1113-004California Independent System Operator Corporation
E-12 ER09-1254-001Southwest Power Pool, Inc.
E-16 EL10-2-000San Diego Gas & Electric Company
E-17 EL00-66-013Louisiana Public Service Commission and the City Council of New Orleans v. Entergy Corporation
 EL95-33-009LA Public Svc Comm -v- Entergy Svcs
E-18 EL01-88-007Louisiana Public Service Commission v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
E-19 EL08-59-001ConocoPhillips Company v. Entergy Services, Inc.
E-20ER09-88-003Southern Company Services, Inc.
E-22 ER09-635-000Southern Company Services, Inc.
M-1PL10-2-000Enforcement of Statutes, Regulations and Orders
M-2PL10-1-000Enforcement of Statutes, Regulations and Orders
M-3 RM09-21-000Revised Filing Requirements for Centralized Service Companies Under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 2005, the Federal Power Act, and the Natural Gas Act
G-1 RP04-274-015Kern River Gas Transmission Company
G-2 IS08-302-003SFPP, L.P.
 OR09-8-000Chevron Products Company v. SFPP, L.P.
 OR08-15-001ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, and BP West Coast Products LLC v. SFPP, L.P.
 OR09-18-000Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company v. SFPP, LP
H-1 P-2153-015United Water Conservation District
H-2 P-13443-001McGinnis, Inc.
 P-13448-001Appalachian Power Comapny
H-3 P-184-196El Dorado Irrigation District (CA)
H-4 HB131-08-1-000PPL Maine, LLC, PPL Great Works, LLC, and Bangor Pacific Hydro Associates
C-1CP07-441-000Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, LP
 CP07-444-000Jordan Cove Energy Project, L.P.
 CP07-441-000Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, LP
C-2 CP07-62-001AES Sparrows Point LNG, LLC
 CP07-63-001Mid-Atlantic Express, LLC
C-3 CP09-433-000Fayetteville Express Pipeline LLC
C-4 CP09-38-000Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC and Copano Field Services/Central Gulf Coast, L.P.
C-5 CP02-48-000National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

Kimberly D. Bose

Updated: September 14, 2012, 12:58:06 PM