(February 16, 2006)

The Commission acted on the following items at the February 16, 2006 Commission Meeting:

Item #Docket #Company
E-4 EL06-16-000Investigation of Terms & Conditions of Public Utility Market-Based Rate Authorizations
E-5 ER06-365-000Entergy Services, Inc
E-6 ER06-375-000Southern Company Services, Inc
E-7 ER06-360-000Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator
 ER06-372-000Midwest Independent Transmission System operator, Inc
 ER06-366-000Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.
E-8 ER06-348-000DTE East China, L.L.C.,
E-9 ER01-1099-010Cleco Power LLC
 ER02-1406-011Acadia Power Partners, LLC
 ER03-1371-003Cleco Evangeline LLC
 ER03-1369-003Cleco Marketing & Trading LLC
 ER99-2300-008Cleco Marketing & Trading, LLC
 ER01-1099-011Cleco Power LLC
 ER99-3855-006Cleco Utility Group, Inc.
 ER01-1397-007Perryville Energy Partners, L.L.C.
 EL06-4-000Perryville Energy Partners, LLC
E-10 ER96-1085-008South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
E-11 RM01-10-005Standards of Conduct for Transmission Providers
E-12 ER02-2001-005Electric Quarterly Reports
 ER03-622-000Capital Power, Inc.
 ER02-2338-000Energy Investments Management, Inc.
 ER04-683-000New Light Energy, LLC
 ER03-101-000Preimer Energy Marketing L.L.C.
 ER02-1499-000Sprague Energy Corporation
 ER02-1595-000TME Energy Services
E-13 ER02-2001-004Electric Quarterly Reports
 ER04-292-000Bravo Energy Resources, LLC
 ER04-646-000Core Equities, Inc
 ER02-388-000HC Power Marketing LLC
 ER03-827-000Maxim Energy Partners, LLC
 ER02-1324-000Mt. Carmel Cogen, Inc.
 ER03-182-000Phoenix Energy Associates, L.L.C.
 ER03-261-000USP&G (Pennsylvania) Ltd.
E-14 AC04-88-001NewCorp Resources Electric Cooperative, Inc.
E-15 AC04-71-001Wells Rural Electric Company
E-16 ER05-150-004California Independent System Operator
E-17 RM05-6-001Commission Authorization to Hold Interlocking Positions
M-1 RM06-2-000Procedures for Disposition of Contested Audit Matters
M-2 RM06-13-000Conditions for Public Utility Market-Based Rate Authorization Holders
M-3 RM06-14-000Revisions to Record Retention Requirements for Unbundled Sale Service, Person Holding Blanket Marketing Certificates, and Public Utility Market-Based Rate Authorization Holders
G-1 RM06-5-000Amendments to Codes of Conduct for Unbundled Sales Service and for Persons Holding Blanket Marketing Certificates
G-2 RP05-552-001East Tennessee Natural Gas Company, LLC
G-3 RP05-559-001Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC
G-4 RP05-553-002Egan Hub Storage, LLC
G-5 RP02-309-006Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation
G-6 TS04-200-000CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission Company
 TS04-193-000CenterPoint Energy - Mississippi River Trans. Corp.
 TS05-4-000Islander East Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
G-7 RP05-286-001Northwest Pipeline Corporation
H-1 P-2232-476Duke Power
H-2 P-2232-475Duke Power
H-3 P-2100-139California Dept. of Water Resources
H-4 P-11882-003Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
H-5 P-2233-047Portland General Electric Company
H-6 P-12570-001Appalachian Rivers Resource Enhancement LLC
 P-12563-001Appalachian Rivers Resource Enhancement, LLC
H-7 P-12552-003Marseilles Land and Water Company
H-8 P-2232-500Duke Power
C-1 CP02-60-007Trunkline LNG Company, LLC

Magalie R. Salas

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