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FERC staff answers Frequently Asked Questions regarding Material Deviations as a result of the Commissions ruling in the Southern Star case  FAQs: Accounting - Material Deviations | Southern Star Decision PDF

FERC audit staff examines the conduct of regulated entities and the role that audits play in encouraging compliance with Commission requirements. These audits provide the Commission with an objective assessment of industry compliance with various aspects of the Commission's rules, regulations, and statutory requirements. FERC staff plans, conducts, and reports the results of audits of jurisdictional companies in the electric power, natural gas, and oil pipeline industries. Audits vary in type, scope, and objectives, but primarily focus on materially relevant compliance issues associated with significant Commission initiatives.

Bryan Craig, Chief Accountant

Accounting Inquiries
Telephone: 202-502-8877
Email: accountinginquiries@ferc.gov

Updated: February 3, 2012