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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
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Open Government Initiatives

Welcome to FERC's Open Government Web page. At FERC, we are committed to embrace the three principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration in order to create the foundation for an open government. Transparency: Government should provide citizens with information about what their government is doing so that government can be held accountable.  To see examples of what FERC is doing go to eLibrary or our Major Orders sections.

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Participation: Government should actively solicit expertise from outside Washington so that it makes policies with the benefit of the best information. FERC consistently seeks outside viewpoints via our rulemaking process, scoping process and technical conferences to name a few examples.

Collaboration: Government officials should work together with one another and with citizens as part of doing their job of solving national problems. FERC has been collaborating with NARUC on both Demand Response Leaving FERC and Smart Grid Leaving FERC for examples.

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