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  Conference - August 14, 2003  
  Conferences - Conference - August 14, 2003
Event Name: Conference
Start Date: Thursday, August 14, 2003
End Date: Thursday, August 14, 2003
Summary: Meeting to discuss standardization and definition of “Product Name” and “Control Area” fields.
Title :
* Start Time : 10:00 A.M.
End Time : 1:00 P.M.
Location : FERC HQ, Room 3M-2A
Contact : Steve Reich
Contact Telephone : (202) 502-6446
Registration :
Contact Email : eqr@ferc.gov
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Minutes [PDF]
Poll Results [PDF]
Revised Strawman [XLS]
Agenda [PDF]
NERC Control Areas [PDF]
Product Name "Strawman" (Steve Reich) [PDF]
Presentation: All Pages [XLS]
Presentation: Use Energy [PDF]
Presentation: Use Other [PDF]
Presentation: Contract Only [PDF]
Presentation: Ancillary Services [PDF]
Presentation: Contract and Transaction [PDF]
Product By Name (Nancy Lee, Con Edison Energy) [PDF]
Draft Day Ahead/Real Time Guidance [PDF]
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