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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Financial Management Division

The Financial Management Division maintains activities and services which ensure the integrity of the Commissionís mandated financial reports and the reliability of financial data required to support mission accomplishment. Additionally, it provides services which safeguard Commission assets against fraud, waste and abuse and supports the agencyís travel program. In addition the Division is responsible for:

  1. Authorizes disbursements for invoices, intragovernmental transfers of funds and related transactions.

  2. Controls and obtains approvals as necessary on invoices and vouchers. Administers the Commissionís property management and inventory control programs.

  3. Prepares relevant financial reports as required by CFO/FERC, DOE, OMB, Treasury and GAO.

  4. Collects and deposits all funds due to the Commission including filing fees and annual charges.

  5. Develops policy and implements all aspects of the FERC's program of establishing and assessing filing fees and annual charges.

  6. Provides accounting policy and financial reporting expertise to ensure the accuracy and integrity of financial and performance information needed for decision making.

  7. Develops and implements appropriate CFO policies and procedures to ensure revenue and expenditure transactions applicable to the Commission's operations are properly recorded and accounted for to permit the preparation of reliable financial reports.

  8. Advises the FERC on matters related to the overall management and control of financial resources.

  9. Analyzes obligations and costs for compliance with applicable laws.

  10. Formulates FERCís internal financial policy.