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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of Energy Policy and Innovation

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Division of Energy Market Assessments

The Division of Energy Market Assessments (DEMA) examines, analyzes, and reports on the structure and operation of the electric and natural gas markets and provides information to the Commission and the public on significant market events and trends. DEMA observes market operations and performance to develop market intelligence to inform the development of policies that promote the competitiveness and, efficiency of the wholesale energy markets.


  • Analyzes market performance and trends and issues periodic reports of its findings to the Commission and the public.

  • Conducts market research and collects information and market data for market analyses.

  • Prepares and presents public reports on the state of energy markets such as the Annual State of the Markets Report and Seasonal Market Assessments.

  • Collaborates with other Commission offices to develop Commission policies that improve the operation and economic efficiency of wholesale energy markets.

  • Conducts outreach and communications with stakeholders, including governmental entities and the market monitors of the organized wholesale electricity markets, to accomplish the work noted above.