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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of Electric Reliability

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Division of Compliance

Ensure implementation of, and compliance with, the approved mandatory standards by the users, owners, and operators of the bulk power system.

  • Track and review all alleged violations, mitigation plans, and proposed penalties in conjunction with the Office of Enforcement.

  • Perform incident and alleged violation analyses and/or investigations following bulk power system incidents, notifications, requests, or complaints in partnership with the Office of Enforcement, as appropriate.

  • Independently conduct or partner with the Office of Enforcement in conducting compliance audits of the users, owners, and/or operators of the bulk power system with or without the ERO/REs.

  • Conduct the appropriate ERO and RE performance reviews and audits including a review ERO annual performance as well as during its three and five-year certification reviews.

  • Support as necessary, the other divisions' activities and requirements.