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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
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FERC Web Accessibility
FERC is committed to making its website accessible to all citizens. FERC makes every effort to meet the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Section 508 requires that electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the Federal government be accessible to people with disabilities.

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We are continually working to make our website more accessible, including our entire collection of electronic libraries (eLibrary, FERC Online, etc.).

Assistance for Disabled Individuals

  1. FERC Policy on Reasonable Accommodation:
    It is FERC’s policy to comply fully with the reasonable accommodation requirements of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. FERC will process requests for reasonable accommodation, and, where appropriate, provide reasonable accommodation in a prompt, fair, and efficient manner.

  2. How to Make a Request for Reasonable Accommodation:
    Contact the Section 508 Coordinator at or through the following:

    Toll-free: 1-866-208-3372
    TTY: 202-208-8659
    Fax: 202-208-2106

    Identify the specific accommodation you are requesting, and provide information on how to contact you. You may consult with the Section 508 Coordinator to obtain further information or assistance in connection with requesting or processing a request for reasonable accommodation.

  3. Time Frames for Processing Requests and Providing Reasonable Accommodation:
    FERC will process requests for reasonable accommodation and provide accommodations, where they are appropriate, in as short a time frame as reasonably possible. The request shall be processed and the accommodation, if granted, provided in no more than 15 business days from the date the Section 508 Coordinator receives the request, and sooner, if possible. Requests to provide expedited processing will also be considered in certain circumstances.

  4. Granting a Reasonable Accommodation Request:
    As soon as the Section 508 Coordinator determines that a reasonable accommodation will be provided, that decision will be immediately communicated to you in writing. If the accommodation cannot be provided within 15 business days, the Section 508 Coordinator will inform you, in writing, of the projected time frame for providing the accommodation and the reasons for delay.

  5. Denial of Accommodation Request:
    FERC will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your request. The Section 508 Coordinator may also offer an alternative means of access to allow you to use the information or data you have requested. However, as soon as the Section 508 Coordinator determines that it would impose an undue burden on the agency to provide the information or data through electronic or information technology, you will be notified in writing why your request has been denied, with a clear statement of the reasons for the denial. The notice will also explain FERC’s procedures available for informal dispute resolution.

  6. Informal Dispute Resolution:
    Individuals with disabilities can request prompt reconsideration within 10 business days of a denial of reasonable accommodation, by contacting the Section 508 Coordinator. The Section 508 Coordinator will respond to the request for reconsideration within 10 business days of receipt. If the Section 508 Coordinator does not reverse the decision, you may request that the agency’s Executive Director do so. This official will respond to your request within 20 business days.

For more information on Section 508, please see External Link.