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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Energy Industry Analysts
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Energy Industry Analysts experience many opportunities to grow, learn, and excel in a constantly changing environment. They have opportunities to travel across the U.S. for on-site visits to collect data from regulated energy companies. While on-site, analysts also engage in meetings with top executives of the regulated entities to discuss issues, make recommendations and maintain external contacts and outreach to the industry.

With responsibility over the nation's wholesale electric and gas markets, FERC decisions affect multi-billion dollar companies and the industries, which are essential to the nation's economy and security. Analysts assess the significance of developments and trends in the energy industry using state-of-the-art analytic tools for current and future regulatory policies. Analysts provide the Commission with policy options, recommendations and strategies relating to the Commission's regulation of the evolving energy industry. This exciting evolution calls for innovative approaches to ensure the fairness and efficiency of competitive wholesale markets.

FERC needs professionals and students with the following qualifications:

  • Four year degree or relevant experience

  • Analytical ability

  • Excellent communication skills

Meet Energy Industry Analyst, Camilla Ng