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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Energy Industry Analyst
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Camilla Ng

Camilla Ng, Energy Industry Analyst
Education: City College of New York, B.S. Geology 1976
Joined FERC: Full-time, Summer 1977

What do you enjoy about working for the Commission?

“My favorite part working for the Commission is the professionalism and great team spirit of my colleagues. This extends from my home office to collaboration with staff from other offices. The Commission embrace a culture diversity. We currently have 6 Employee Resource Groups with mission to assist the Commission in nurturing a culture of innovation and creativity, with programs that are aligned with the Commission's mission, goals, initiatives and policies.”

Tell us about the project you are currently working on?

“Favorite part about my job is the opportunity to learn and be continuously challenged. This requires independent research, compilation and interpretation of industry data, resulting in meaningful and useful informational reports for upper management. I am part of the energy infrastructure team that publishes a monthly report on energy infrastructure activities, including natural gas, hydroelectric, electric generation and electric transmission. This report is widely accessed by the public and energy industry experts.”

What advice do you have for jobseekers interested in a career with FERC?

“I would encourage jobseekers interested in a career with FERC to acquire an understanding of the domestic energy market by reading current trade journals and/or reports from EIA and EEI. The best way to have an understanding of business at the Commission is do an internship at the Commission.”