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Environmental Specialist
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Jeanne Edwards

Jeanne Edwards, Environmental Biologist
Education: University of California, San Diego, B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology 2001
Joined FERC: Summer 2006

ďMoving from California to Washington D.C., I chose to work for FERC because I wanted to work for a smaller agency with a strong environmental focus. Choosing a smaller agency has enabled me to get to really know the people that I work with and has provided me with great opportunities.

My favorite part about the job is the level of challenge each project that I work on provides. Iím constantly learning and growing as an individual. Iíve never experienced such a diverse work-life that I feel also supports my busy personal life. Because of FERCís location, itís enabled me to explore the city on my free time."

What are the day-to-day tasks of an Environmental Biologist?

"I currently coordinate hydroelectric projects in the southern states. Additionally, Iím able to use my water chemistry experience gained while working for the City of Burbank, California as a water chemist and storm water coordinator. The experience of once being involved in water resource management on a city level gives me good understanding of what itís like to be a stakeholder involved in the federal hydroelectric process.Ē