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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Student Relations
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The Commission has several student program options aimed at providing a rewarding work experience for students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.

These programs are focused on inspiring and stimulating the next generation of energy industry leaders through challenging project assignments. Students work in the Program Offices throughout the Commission, providing an inside look into the operations of a Federal agency and networking opportunities with Commission leaders. Students work in program areas alongside other employees with similar professional and academic backgrounds. Networking throughout FERC provides students the opportunity to seek a broad range of career opportunities in their fields of interest.

In addition to a competitive salary, students receive paid vacation, holiday and sick leave. We provide a transit subsidy to defray student's commuting expenses. Our Information Technology training workshops focus on intermediate and advanced knowledge in Microsoft Applications, such as, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Most importantly, student employees have scheduling flexibility. We support our student employees and encourage them to continue their education. Students select a schedule that accommodates their availability.