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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Documents & Filing EQR Change Logs

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Change Logs

VersionRelease DateDescription of Changes
V3.5 11/10/2017
  • File names will now be included in the automatic email receipts sent to the EQR filers upon submission.
  • As a result of adding file names into the automatic email receipts, we updated the Submission Service Object. All 3rd party software users must get the latest “FormsSubmissionService”, linked below, and update their submission service object to be compatible with this new release:
V3.4 (updated) 1/12/2017 Data Dictionary
  • FERC staff has updated the Data Dictionary and the XML schema to be used beginning with EQR filings for the period Q1 2017. These documents include updates made in the June 16 and December 5, 2016 orders issued in Docket No. RM01-8, et al. The Primary Frequency Response product has been added to the Data Dictionary pursuant to Order No. 819. These changes include:
    » Added Primary Frequency Response
    » Added 5-minute & 15-minute Increment Names
    » Removed “consecutive” from the Increment Name definitions
    » Removed NA & UT options from Time Zone Table (Appendix D)
    » Removed Balancing Authority and Hub Tables (Appendix B and Appendix C)
    » Removed eTag ID fields
  • V3.4 Clean and Redline posted
XML Schemas
  • Data Values XSD updated to include (5) and (15) in Increment Name and to remove “NA” and “UT” from Time Zone.
EQR Release Notes
  • V3.4 (updated) posted