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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Form 80 - Licensed Hydropower Development Recreation Report

The Form 80 is used to gather information necessary pursuant to the Commission’s regulations at 18 C.F.R. § 8.11. We use this information to:

  • Identify recreational facilities are located at licensed projects,
  • Determine whether public recreational needs are being accommodated by the facilities, and
  • Determine whether additional efforts could be made to meet future needs.

Licensees are encouraged to make every effort to file the Form 80 with the Commission using the eFiling system. All Form 80 filings are due to the Commission by April 1, 2015. Forms are available for developments for each hydropower project at the link below:

Electronic Filing Instructions

  • Select previous filer or new filer.
    • Select "new filer" only if you have never completed a Form 80 for a particular project.

    • Previous filers: Use any or all of the four fields to find your Form 80. Basic information for each project has been pre-populated.

    • For projects that have multiple developments, a Form 80 will be listed for each development. Select the PDF for the desired development. Single development projects will have only one project listed.

  • Save the PDF to your computer. (DO NOT change the filename as your eFiling will be rejected.)

  • Complete the form data entry process off-line. Note: the form has changed since 2008; there are some new questions and some fields have been removed.

  • Electronically file your Form 80 for each development with the Commission via eFiling.

For your convenience and clarity during the electronic filing process, please select these filing options:

Type of filing = Hydro: Washington DC

What kind of filing are you making? = Report/form for existing project

Filing type = Form 80