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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Electric General Information Exempt Wholesale Generators (EWG)

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Commission Review of EWG Certifications

Commission staff reviews each EWG notice of self-certification that is filed and will contact the filer if there are any deficiencies that require some action. Companies that make their filing in good faith are deemed to be an EWG upon making the filing. The Commission’s regulations specify that if the Commission takes no action on a notice of self-certification within 60 days of filing, the notice of self-certification will be deemed to be granted. See 18 CFR § 366.7(a) External Link.

It is Commission practice to allow filings found to be consistent with the statute and regulations to become effective by operation of this provision of the regulations. In other words, in most cases no formal order is issued confirming that the filer is an EWG. Rather, each month the Commission issues a Secretary’s notice listing all EWG dockets for which the 60-day period expired during the previous month. Where a notice of self-certification raises novel issues, however, the Commission may on its own motion issue a formal order addressing them.