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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Electric General Information Exempt Wholesale Generators (EWG)

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Notices of Self-Recertification of EWG Status

One of the procedures for submitting a notice of material change in fact is to submit a notice of self-recertification of EWG status. This is the only reference in the Commissionís regulations to recertification of EWG status, and the Commission has dismissed such filings that do not involve material changes in fact that may affect the filerís EWG status. See, e.g., BG Dighton Power, LLC, 132 FERC ∂ 61,029 PDF (2010). As a result, a company that files a notice of self-recertification should explain why the change in facts in question is a material change that may affect its EWG status. See id. P 6. A company that wishes to provide additional information regarding itself, but is not able to explain how this information represents a material change in fact that may affect its EWG status, should provide the information in a notice of non-material change in fact. Commission staff is available to provide guidance on this issue.