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Prefiling Requests

If the Director approves the pre-filing request, a notice will be issued informing the public of the initiation of the pre-filing process. As part of the pre-filing process, an applicant is required to implement a Project Participation Plan that identifies specific tools and actions to facilitate stakeholder communication and dissemination of public information to those who are interested in the proposed transmission project. During the pre-filing process, Commission staff will review the applicant's proposal and assist the applicant in the preparation of a complete application. Staff activities may include: conducting environmental site reviews, facilitating the identification and resolution of issues, and initiating the environmental review of the proposed project. By engaging stakeholders early in the process and resolving relevant issues, the proposed project will become better defined and the benefits and impacts of the proposed project will be better understood. The work performed in the pre-filing process will form the basis for the application that is subsequently filed with the Commission.

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Pre-Filing Process Initiated
PT08-1 Devers-Palo Verde No. 2 Project Southern California Edison Company External Link Michael Huynh
The proposed transmission facilities include a new 267-mile 500 kV line from a new Harquahala Junction Switchyard (west of Phoenix, Arizona) to SCE's Valley Substation (near Romoland, California) California and Arizona (The CPUC approved the California portion of the line on January 25, 2007) Southwest Withdrawn PDF (5/18/2009)

Notice PDF (5/30/2008)