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Intrastate Transportation

FERC requires that any:Transmission System

  1. intrastrate, or
  2. local distribution pipelines

Engaged in the transportation of natural gas for any:

  • interstate pipeline, or
  • local distribution company

Served by an interstate pipeline must have an approved tariff on file with the Commission. 18 CFR Part 284 External (Part 284) provides the tariff filing requirements and procedures for these pipelines to file rate changes and Statements of Operating Conditions (SOC) with the Commission. There are two separate regulatory provisions depending on the statutory authority a pipeline is subject to:

  1. the Natural Gas Policy Act (NGPA), section 311 or
  2. the Natural Gas Act (NGA), section 1(c) (Hinshaw).

The Commission follows similar processes in managing intrastate and Hinshaw pipeline tariff filings, though there are some differences due to the different underlying statutory authorities. The Commission will often refer to such tariff filings as Part 284 or section 311 filings regardless of the statutory status of the pipeline.

NGPA Section 311 Pipelines     NGA Hinshaw Pipelines

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