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NGA Hinshaw Pipelines

Hinshaw Pipelines are local distribution pipelines served by interstate pipelines that are not subject to Commission jurisdiction by reason of section 1(c) of the Natural Gas Act. Three pipelines

Hinshaw pipelines that receive a Part 284, subpart G External, Blanket Certificate to transport natural gas on behalf of:

  • any interstate pipeline or
  • any local distribution company served by an interstate pipeline

must file with the Commission rates, charges and a Statement of Operating Conditions (SOC) (tariff) pursuant to section 284.224 External of the Commission’s regulations.

Pursuant to 284.224(e), in general, any transaction authorized under a blanket certificate is subject to the same:

  • rates and charges,
  • terms and conditions, and
  • reporting requirements

that apply to a transaction authorized for an intrastate pipeline under subparts C External and D External.

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