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Filing Using eTariff (Including TOFCs)

Order No. 714 PDF, requires all filings that contain rate changes and tariffs to be submitted through the eTariff system. Additionally, a NGPA section 311 pipeline or an NGA Hinshaw pipeline can meet its five-year review requirement by filing a State Rate Certification, that is, certifying that its state-approved rates are unchanged and thus continue to meet the requirements of 284.123(b)(1). These State Rate Certifications must be submitted through the eTariff system. (See Atmos Pipeline Texas, 156 FERC 61,094 PDF)(2016). Similarly, an NGA Hinshaw pipeline filing a cost and throughput study must do so through the eTariff system. (See Narragansett Electric Company, 155 FERC 61,159 PDF)(2016).

This section will act as a guide on how to make an eTariff filing.

When to Make a Tariff Filing

  • NGA Hinshaw Pipelines must receive a blanket certificate authority prior to commencing service. 284.224(g) External Proposed rates and the tariff (SOC) must accompany the 284.224 External blanket certificate application.

  • NGPA section 311 NGPA pipelines 284.123(e) External and NGA Hinshaw Pipelines 284.227(d) External must file within 30 days of commencement of new service or change of operations, rates, or rate election.

  • In addition, pipelines must make tariff (SOC) filings as required by any Commission Order or Commission approved settlement.

Tariff Filing Preparation