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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Hydropower Dam Safety and Inspections RIDM - Regulations, Guidelines and Manuals

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Engineering Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hydropower Projects

Chapter 14 – Evaluation of Hydropower Projects

Revised Chapter 14, Appendix H, Part 12D Safety Inspection Report Outline - Section 7.0, Assessment of Supporting Technical Information Document

The Division of Dam Safety and Inspections has further described the responsibility of the Part 12 Independent Consultant (IC) to assess the contents of the “Supporting Technical Information” (STI) document compiled by the licensee. The IC is required to determine both the completeness and appropriateness of the STI to the current standard of the practice of dam safety as well as conformance to the FERC requirements. The revised Appendix H clarifies items to consider when summarizing each section of the STI. In addition, it now contains example statements that are offered as general guidance for use by the IC when making a definitive statement regarding each section of the STI.

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