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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Administrative Litigation Functions
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ALJ Functions- Administrative Hearings

Functions of the presiding judge include:

  • Issuing Subpoenas Learn More
  • Managing and presiding over hearings and investigations on-the-record;
  • Issuing orders;
  • Issuing initial decisions;
  • Issuing reports to the Commission;
  • Overseeing Discovery; Learn More
  • Acting on motions filed in a case;
  • Making findings of fact;
  • Certifying questions to the Commission;
  • Issuing Protective Orders PDF
  • Establishing Procedural Schedules; Learn More
  • Reviewing and certifying settlements to the Commission; and
  • Summarily disposing of cases.

Under the Commission's rules of practice and procedure, Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) act as settlement judges, mediators, facilitators, and arbitrators.