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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Summary of Procedural Time Standards for Hearing Cases
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    I. Proceedings set for hearing, other than Complaints
    (All times run from order designating Presiding Judge)

    Case Type Hearing Date Initial Decision Date
    Simple case
    (Track I)
    19.5 weeks
    29.5 weeks
    Complex case
    (Track II)
    32 weeks
    47 weeks
    Exceptionally complex case
    (Track III)
    42 weeks
    63 weeks


      1. These times standards apply unless the Commission order directs otherwise

      2. Merger cases set for hearing will be processed within these timelines, consistent with the Commission's merger policy, which states that it will be able to issue a final order on most applications within 12 to 15 months from the date a complete application is filed.

      3. Requests for modification are to be directed to the Chief Judge

    II. Complaint Proceedings
    (All times run from Commission Order setting hearing)

    Case Type Hearing Date Initial Decision Date
    Regular complaint
    30 days
    60 days
    "Fast-Track" Complaint
    3 days
    8 days