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Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes
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Get out of the costly cycle of never ending litigation and appeals
Dispute Resolution Processes Chart

Contact DRS to help you:

  • find a solution, to your dispute or legal problem

  • anytime--before, during, or after a complaint is filed. Contacting DRS earlier in the dispute is often helpful to parties. We can help you design an ADR process to fit your needs. DRS Toll Free ADR Helpline: 1-844-238-1560

ADR Processes Defined

Conciliation - Relationship building through the use of a third party conciliator to help bridge communication gaps, clarify misconception, deal with strong emotions, and build trust so the disputing parties can work together.

Facilitation - A third party facilitator uses techniques to improve the flow of information in a meeting or a series of meetings to accomplish particular goals.

Mediation –The neutral mediator assists the disputing parties to voluntarily achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution or agreement through confidential communication.

Subject Mater Expert (SME) or Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) – The parties in consultation with the neutral may request the non-binding opinion of a technical or legal expert on how the Commission may view a particular set of circumstances based on case precedent.

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