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Previously Non-Public 100 Days Filings Materials
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Docket Nos. EL00-95, et al.
On June 24, 2004, in response to a FOIA request from the California Parties (FY04-130), the Commission returned the following 19 documents submitted to the Commission as part of the Hundred Days filings (March 3, 2003 and March 20, 2003), in Docket Nos. EL00-95, et al., to public access. These documents had previously been maintained as non-public pursuant to a request from the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas, who is pursuing criminal investigations of certain energy company employees for activity relating to the crisis in the California energy markets in 2000-2001. The U.S. Attorney recently notified the Commission that he no longer objects to the publication of this material.

The following links are to the Document Information screen in eLibrary that provides the complete document index. All 19 documents can be found in the following Accession numbers.

  1. Accession Number 20030303-0529
  2. Accession Number 20030303-0531
  3. Accession Number 20030303-0540
  4. Accession Number 20030303-0541
  5. Accession Number 20030303-0542
  6. Accession Number 20030303-0510
  7. Accession Number 20030320-0283
  8. Accession Number 20030320-0284
  9. Accession Number 20030320-0285
  10. Accession Number 20030320-0287
  11. Accession Number 20030320-0638