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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Major Orders & Regulations - General 2005-1995
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The Commission's regulations are found under Title 18 Chapter I of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) External Link. If you would like to conduct your own search of the CFR you can access the Governmental Printing Organization/National Archives and Records Administration External Link website. A comprehensive listing of the Commission's rulemaking proceedings can be found at External Link.

Docket No. Date Title
RM05-35-000 PDF December 27, 2005 Standard of Review for Modifications to Jurisdictional Agreements
RM06-5-000 PDF November 21, 2005 Amendments to Codes of Conduct for Unbundled Sales Service and for Persons Holding Blanket Marketing Certificates
PL06-1-000 PDF October 20, 2005 Policy Statement on Enforcement
RM05-6-000 PDF September 16, 2005 Commission Authorization to Hold Interlocking Positions
Order No. 662 June 21, 2005 Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (Final Rule)
Order No. 649 August 3, 2004 Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (Final Rule)
RM01-5-000 PDF July 8, 2004 Electronic Tariff Filings (Notice of Proposed Rulemaking)
Order No. 647 PDF June 3, 2004 Notice Format and Technical Corrections (Final Rule)
Order No. 646 PDF
» Appendix B PDF
February 11, 2004 Quarterly Financial Reporting and Revisions to the Annual Reports (Final Rule)
Order No. 645 PDF
December 18, 2003
Emergency Closures (Final Rule)
PA02-2-000 PDF October 16, 2003 Fact-Finding Investigation of Potential Market Manipulation of Electric and Natural Gas Prices
EL01-118-000 PDF July 25, 2003 Investigation of Terms and Conditions of Public Utility Market-Based Rate Authorization
Order No. 630-A July 23, 2003 Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (Final Rule)
RT03-1-001 May 8, 2003 Order Denying Rehearing; Communications with Commission-Approved Market Monitors
Order No. 630 February 21, 2003 Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (Final Rule)
RT03-1-000 PDF January 16, 2003 Communications with Commission-Approved Market Monitors
PL02-5-000 PDF December 20, 2002 Statement of Administrative Policy on Separation of Functions
Order No. 623 PDF December 21, 2001 Amendment to Rules Governing Off-the-Record Communications (Final Rule)
RM98-1-002 November 9, 2001 State-Federal Regional Panels and Clarifying Order 607
Order No. 607-A November 21, 2000 Regulations Governing Off-the-Record Communications (Order on Rehearing and Clarification)
Order No. 607 September 15, 1999 Regulations Governing Off-the-Record Communications (Final Rule)
Order No. 604
May 26, 1999 Electronic Service of Documents (Final Rule)
Order No. 602
March 31, 1999 Complaint Procedures (Final Rule)
Order No. 589 August 16, 1996 Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees (Final Rule)
Order No. 578 April 12, 1995 Alternative Dispute Resolution (Final Rule)
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