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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Updated: 03/09/2011

1. What is the filing deadline for the FERC-566?

Filings are due on or prior to January 31st for the three previous calendar years.

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2. Why is the FERC-566 data collected?

The FERC-566 information collected by the Commission is used to identify a public utility's large purchasers of electric energy. The FPA requires public utilities to publish and file this list with the Commission. Through a separate FPA required collection, the Form No. 561 "Annual Report of Interlocking Positions" identification is made of public utility board members who are also board members of the utility's largest customers. The Commission uses the information from these two collections to inquire into and determine whether public or private interests will be adversely affected by the holding of officer or director positions of both a public utility and its customers.

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3. Who is required to file the FERC-566?

Electric public utilities are required to file the FERC-566.

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4. Is there a docket number associated with the FERC-566 filing?

No there is no docket number associated with the filing.

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5. Which software should I use to prepare our FERC-566?

The Commission prefers to receive the FERC-566 in Microsoft Excel and in the format shown on FERC-566 page. Other software that is acceptable is listed on Acceptable File Formats page. Please submit a file that is text-searchable. (See: Filing Via the Internet Order No. 703, RM07-16-000, P. 6, November 15, 2007, 121 FERC ¶ 61,171 PDF).

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6. How should we file our FERC-566?

Please eFile your FERC-566. Instructions for doing so are posted on FERC-566 page.

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7. Have the filing requirements changed in anyway since last year?

No, the filing requirements have not changed since last year.

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8. Should this filing include a list of twenty unique customers or a list of our twenty largest consumers by meter?

It list of twenty unique customers is required. Commission regulations in 18 CFR 46.3(c) state that "If one purchaser maintains several billing accounts with the public utility, the kilowatt hours purchased in each account of that purchaser shall be aggregated to arrive at the total for that purchaser."

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9. Can this filing be made as confidential (privileged)?

No, it cannot. It must be a public filing. Commission regulations in 18 CFR 46.3(a) state: .and the list shall be publically available ." Also, Federal Power Act Section 306(c)(2)(F) states: "On or before January 31 of each calendar year, each public utility shall publish a list, pursuant to rules prescribed by the Commission ." In addition, the Office of Management and Budget cleared the FERC-566 as public information (collection no: 1902-0114, expires July 31, 2011).

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10. Should we file one purchaser list to cover the last three reporting years or one list of purchasers for each of the three previous reporting years?

Either is acceptable.

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11. Do we file even if we didn't have any purchasers during the previous three years?

Yes, the filing would be a brief statement that your utility had no purchasers.

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12. Who files the FERC-566?

All electric public utilities must file. If your utility has a tariff on file at FERC, it must file.

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