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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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File a Request for No-Action Letter

On November 18, 2005 , the Commission issued an "Interpretive Order Regarding No-Action Letter Process" PDF in Docket PL06-4-000, detailing the No-Action Letter submission process. The Commission provided clarification on the process in its "Interpretive Order Modifying No-Action Letter Process" PDF in Docket PL06-4-001.

Please use the following guidelines when filing Request for No-Action Letters.

What to Submit: Submit one original and two paper copies of the request, along with a text-searchable file (or files) on a 3 1/4" diskette or CD-ROM. Each page of the request and any supporting information or documents should include a header or footer stating "Request for No-Action Letter."

Contact Info: Each request must include the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the person to whom the response should be directed.

Where to Submit: Send your request to:

    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    Office of the General Counsel
    Room 10A-01
    ATTN: Request for No-Action Letter
    888 First Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20426

Use express mail or courier services to submit a Request for No-Action Letter to FERC. Regular mail sent through the US Postal Service to the Commission is subject to a 7-10 day delay for scanning. The scanning process also may destroy any diskettes and CD-ROMs included in the submittal.

The Commission determined that when initially filed a Request for No-Action Letter is non-public material. The Commission's eFiling system is not ready to accept non-public material at this time and, therefore, it is not available for the filing of Requests for No-Action Letters.