(December 20, 2018)

The Commission acted on the following items at the December 20, 2018 Commission Meeting:

Item #Docket #Company
E-1RM19-2-000Refinements to Horizontal Market Power Analysis for Sellers in Certain Regional Transmission Organization and Independent System Operator Markets
E-2ER18-1952-001Gulf Power Company
E-3EC18-117-000NextEra Energy, Inc., 700 Universe, LLC, and Gulf Power Company
E-4EL18-155-000Ameren Illinois Company
 EL18-156-000Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois
 ER18-2322-000Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.
 EL18-161-000Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota corporation
 EL18-162-000Northern States Power Company, a Wisconsin corporation
E-5EL18-163-000Public Service Company of Colorado
 EL18-166-000Southwestern Public Service Company
E-6EL18-138-000Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc., ALLETE Inc., Montana-Dakota Utilities Co., Northern Indiana Public Service Company, Otter Tail Power Company, and Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Company
 ER18-1739-000Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.
E-7EL18-159-000International Transmission Company
 EL18-160-000ITC Midwest, LLC
 EL19-16-000Michigan Electric Transmission Company, LLC
 ER18-2323-000Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.
E-8EL18-157-000American Transmission Company, LLC
E-9EL18-165-000TransCanyon DCR, LLC
E-10EL18-167-000Virginia Electric and Power Company
E-11EL18-158-000GridLiance West Transco LLC
E-12EL18-164-000Southern California Edison Company
E-13ER19-166-000Southwest Power Pool, Inc.
E-14ER18-2340-001Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.
E-15ER19-169-000ISO New England Inc. and New England Power Pool Participants Committee
E-16ER18-1953-000Gulf Power Company
E-17ER17-2154-002Pacific Gas and Electric Company
E-18ER17-802-002Exelon Generation Company, LLC
E-19ER18-2377-000Southwestern Public Service Company
E-21EL18-188-000NRG Curtailment Solutions, Inc. v. New York Independent System Operator, Inc.
E-22EL18-194-000Nebraska Public Power District v. Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. and Southwest Power Pool, Inc.
E-23EL18-197-000City of Oakland, California v. Pacific Gas and Electric Company
E-24EL18-176-000City of Falmouth, Kentucky
G-1RP19-238-000Southwest Gas Transmission Company, A Limited Partnership
G-2RP19-240-000WestGas Interstate, Inc.
G-3RP19-266-000Southeast Supply Header, LLC
G-4RP19-307-000Black Hills Utility Holdings, Inc. and Black Hills Service Company, LLC
G-5RP17-811-003Peregrine Oil & Gas II, LLC v. Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
H-1RM18-14-000Elimination of Form 80 and Revision of Regulations on Recreational Opportunities and Development at Licensed Hydropower Projects
H-2DI18-1-001Covington Mountain Hydro, LLC
H-3P-14329-005Columbia Basin Hydropower
H-4P-2744-046North East Wisconsin Hydro, LLC
C-1CP18-532-000Puget Sound Energy, Inc.; SOCCO, Inc.; Sumas Pipeline Company and Sumas Dry Kilns, Inc.
C-2CP19-20-000Golden Pass LNG Terminal LLC and Golden Pass Products LLC

Kimberly D. Bose
Updated: December 20, 2018, 1:18:42 PM