The following is a list of engineering consultants who have been approved in the past to conduct independent consultant inspections as described in Part 12D of the Commission's regulations. Previous approvals are not sufficient for future Part 12D inspections. Each Part 12D independent consultant inspection requires specific approval. Commission regulations require submission of the consultant's resume for approval at least 60 days before the start of the inspection.

Consultant  Firm
Terrence E. Arnold AECOM
Chris Adams Civil Dynamics, Inc.
Ron Adhya The Kohan Group, Inc.
B.A. Ainsworth Consulting Engineer
Harl Aldrich Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
Rebecca A. Allen Kleinschmidt Associates
Richard G. Almes Almes & Associates, Inc.
Vincent E. Amato Consulting Engineer
Jonathan Andrews GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Jeff Anderson Mead & Hunt
Keith Anderson Anderson & Kelly. Inc.
Paul H. Anderson Consulting Engineer
Richard Anderson GEI Consultants
William D. Ashton Ashton Barnes Engineers, Inc.
Glen M. Aurdahl Sverdrup Civil Inc.
David R. Baier Independent Consultant
Jeffrey M. Bair Black & Veatch Corporation
Matthew Balven Gannett Fleming
James R. Bakken Ayres Assoc.
Maurice S. Bandy Arcadis, Geraghty & Miller
William J. Bardin Leedshill-Herkenhoff, Inc.
Joseph Barnes Consulting Engineer
Douglas W. Barr BARR Engineering
John Barrett Geosyntec Consultants
Joseph P. Bartley Joseph P. Bartly
Donald L. Basinger AG&E-Schnabel
Archie Becher Becher Hoppe
George H. Beckwith Sergent, Hauskins & Beckwith
Joseph V. Bellini Aterra Solutions
Glen S. Bengtson SEH Inc.
Stephen A. Benson URS Corporation
David Bentler  Black and Veatch
Paul L. Berube Kleinschmidt Assoc.
James A. Besha Besha Assoc. Engineering Corp.
William B. Bingham Gannett Fleming, Inc.
George S. Bingham Haner Ross Sporseen Inc.
John A. Bischoff URS Corporation
Norman A. Bishop Knight Piesold Consulting
Gerard R. Blanchette The H. L. Turner Group, Inc.
Maurice Block Gray & Osborne, Inc.
Harry Blohm MWH Global
Andrew R. Blystra A.R. Blystra Associates, Ltd.
Andi Bogdanovic KGS Group
Martin D. Bonnell EWI Engineering Assoc.
Paul E. Booth Arcadis
James E. Borg D & H Concepts, LLC
Robert R. Bowers O'Brien and Gere Engineers
Donald E. Bowes Consulting Engineer
Mr. Randall D. Boyce Black & Veatch
John P. Bradshaw Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern
Scott Brand Black & Veatch Corporation
Donald A. Bressler Chen-Northern, Inc.
Glenn W. Brewer Devine Tarbell and Associates
William Broderick Rizzo Associates
Ellis N. Brown Acres International Corp.
Catrin Bryan McMillen
John H. Bryant Stone & Webster Engineering Corp.
Miles C. Bubenick Consulting Engineer
Lloyd Bubenik Kleinschmidt Assoc.
John Buckley Consulting Engineer
Jesse C. Bumgarner Pinnacle Engineers PC
Marc D. Buratto WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
Scott Burch Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Gilles Bureau URS Corp.
Nicholas A. Campagna Goldberg-Zoino & Assoc., Inc.
David B. Campbell Schnabel Engineering Associates
Michael J. Carney R.W. Beck
Chris Carpenter Cornforth Consultants
Michael D. Carpenter GEI Consultants
Edward F. Carter MWH Global
Catalino B. Cecilio Consulting Engineer
Nicholas M. Ciomei Kleinschmidt Associates
Wallace I. Chadwick Wallace I. Chadwick
Robin G Charlwood Robin Charlwood & Associates, PLLC
David. B. Cherry Consulting Engineer
Brian Chrisman HDR, Engineering, Inc.
Frank O. Christie Christie Engineering
Kin Y. C. Chung Gilbert/Commonwealth, Inc.
Jeffrey H. Coffin Kleinschmidt Associates
Thomas J. Collins Consulting Engineer
Marvin A. Cones Black and Veatch
Louis H. Conklin Stone & Webster Engineering Corp.
J. Cooksley Consulting Engineer
Derek H. Cornforth Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
Charles F. Corns Charles F. Corns, Inc.
Clifford. J. Cortright Wahler Assoc.
William R. Cote St. Johns River Water Management District
Larry O. Coupe R.W. Beck & Assoc.
Chad W. Cox GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Theodore Critikos Stone & Webster Engineering Corp.
Jerry Cross Cross Associates LLC
Dan Curtis Geosyntec Consultants
Paul E. Cyr Kleinschmidt Assoc.
Timothy K. Dahlstrand STS Consultants, Ltd.
Elio D. D'Appolonia Elio D. D'Appolonia
Alton P. Davis, Jr. Arkwright Technical Svc, Inc.
Lee DeHeer CH2M-Hill
Jared D. Deible Michael Baker International
John G. DeLano GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Gordon Denby Consulting Engineer
Kim DeRubertis Consulting Engineer
John J. Devine Northrop, Devine, & Tarbell, Inc.
John D. Dickson BARR Engineering Inc.
Zoes J. Dimos Rivers Engineering Corp.
Eric J. Ditchey Schnabel Engineering Assoc.
R. Conrad Dodl Wiley & Wilson
Anthony R. Dolcimascola TAMS Consultants, Inc.
Thomas D. Donovan GAI Consultants, Inc.
Richard L. Donovan Consulting Engineer
Stephen C. Doret Mill Road Engineering
Kenwarjit Dosanjh HDR
Dana M. Dougherty Ayres, Lewis, Norris, & May Inc.
Hugh J. Dougherty Pennoni Associates, Inc.
Bryan Duevel McMillen Jacobs Associates
F. Dunbar R.W. Beck Assoc.
Neal Dunlevy Independent Consultant
Dean Durkee Gannett Fleming, Inc.
James D. Earles CH2M Hill
John L. Eddy Consulting Engineer
Wayne D. Edwards W.D. Edwards Consulting, LLC
Joseph L. Ehasz URS Corporation
Steve Elver GEI Consultants
Matthew Emrick GEI Consultants
Philip J. Englebert SEC Donohue, Inc.
Melvin I. Esrig Consulting Engineer
Jaco Esterhuizen JACOBS ch2m
Matthew Farren GEI Consultants, Inc.
William K. Fay Consulting Engineer
Keith A. Ferguson HDR, Engineering, Inc.
Carl L. Fick Brown & Root Inc.
Jonathan S. Field Independent Consultant
R. Craig Findlay Findlay Engineering Inc.
Mario Finis MWH Global
Kevin Finn GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
John E. Fisher Lawson-Fisher Assoc.
Thomas J. Fitzgerald Schnabel Engineering
Michael Forrest AECOM
Henrik Forsling AECOM
William J. Forsmark Barr Engineering Company
George M. Fosha W.W. Wheeler & Assoc., Inc.
John France URS Corporation
Kurt H. France Consulting Engineer
Dorian French BGE, Inc.
James K. Fuller CH2M-Hill
Jennifer N. Gagnon HDR
Eugene Gall Consulting Engineer
Carl W. Garner Consulting Engineer
Charles T. Gaynor Empire Soil Investigation Inc.
Ryan Gee  FDK Engineering
James L. Gilmore EBASCO Services, Inc.
Conrad Ginther Geosyntec Consultants
Jerry A. Gomez Gomez and Sullivan Engineers PC
Richard E. Goodman Consulting Engineer
Bernard B. Gordon Bernard B. Gordon, Inc.
Richard H. Gorny Black & Veatch Engineers
Charles B. Grant GEI Consultants
Gillian M. Gregory GEI Consultants, Inc.
Alex Grenoble HDR, Engineering, Inc.
Patrick M. Griffin Bechtel National, Inc.
A. Richard Griffith Acres International Corp
Edward C. Grubbs Grubbs, Garner, & Hoskyn, Inc.
Jim Grundy Consulting Engineer
James Guarente GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Lawrence W. Gubbe Project Engineering & Mgmt.
Dwarka P. Gupta Consulting Engineer
Craig Hall GEI Consultants
Richard B. Hall State Division of Water Rights
William G. Haman Mead and Hunt
Walter E. Hancock, Jr. Wiley & Wilson
Bruce Hanna URS Consultants, Inc.
Kim A. Hansen Kleinschmidt Associates
Whitney Hansen Barr Engineering Company
Tor S. Hansen, P.E. Barr Engineering Company
James C. Hanson Consulting Engineer
Craig W. Harris MWH Global
John P. Harrison Schnabel Engineering
A. Hans Hasnay, P.E Paul C. Rizzo Assoc., Inc.
Peter Haug Ayers Associates
Warren Hayden Mead & Hunt, Inc.
Mark R. Haynes CO Dept. Nat. Resources, Dam Safety
William E. Heath Consulting Engineer
Jason Hedien Stantec
Thomas Hepler Schnabel Engineering
Alfred J. Hendron, Jr. Consulting Engineer
Gerry M. Heslin Landslide Technology
Amanda Hess Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Peter M. Heynen Heynen Engineers
Benjamin G. Hildyard Consulting Engineer
Daniel M. Hill Burgess & Niple, Ltd
Randall J. Hill Landslide Technology
Dennis J. Hogan AECOM
Reynold A. Hokenson Tetra Tech INCA
Rodney E. Holderbaum Consulting Engineer
William E. Holman Stanley Consultants, Inc.
Philip M. Hoover H & M Engineering, Inc.
Charles H. Horstmann E.C.Jordan Co.
Richard E. Horvath Consulting Engineer
William H. Hover GZA Geoenvironmental Inc.
Boyd Howard Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Robert H. Howard Strata
Terry R. Howard Consulting Engineer
Henry D. Hoyle Technical Resources, Inc.
Peter J. Hradilek HDR ONE Company
Aled Hughes Stantec
Richard J. Hunt ID National Eng & Environ Lab
Charles C. Hutton Consulting Engineer
Robert Indri Schnabel Engineering
Vik Iso-Ahola MWH
Harry E. Jackson Christensen Associates, Inc.
Steven R. Jacoby Benham Power Group
Stephen L. Jamieson W.W. Wheeler and Assoc.
Robert B. Jansen Robert B. Jansen
Peter C. Johnson O'Brien & Gere Engineers, Inc.
Daniel L. Johnson MWH Global
R. Johnson Consulting Engineer
Timothy W. Johnston Gannett Fleming Inc.
Scott L. Jones AECOM
Adam N. Jones HDR, Inc
Jack C. Jones MWH Global
Joel B. Justin Joel B. Justin
Chris Karam GEI Consultants, Inc.
Bethany Kelly Barr
George A. Kelley Structural Concepts
Kenneth N. Kemp Kleinschmidt Associates
R. Jeffrey Kimball L. Robert Kimball & Assoc.
Kenneth King Three Estates Court
Jeffery T. Klaucke Northeast Engineering Assoc.
David Kleiner MWH Global
R. Stevens Kleinschmidt Kleinschmidt Assoc.
Robert Kline Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Stanley H. Kline Consulting Engineer
James Knight Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Chad Knutti Gomez and Sullivan Engineers, P.C.
Eric B. Kollgaard Consulting Engineer
Clarence E. Korhonen Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Quade, & Douglas
A. Sinan Koseatac Northeast Engineering Assoc.
Richard W. Kramer Benham Power Group
Paul B. Krebs Consulting Engineer
Geoffrey L. Kruger AECOM
James R. Kuenzli Consulting Engineer
Joseph R. Kula Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.
John M. LaCouture Northrop, Devine, and Tarbell, Inc.
Daniel P. LaGatta GEI Consultants, Inc.
Mark E. Landis Schnabel Engineering
Dennis D. Lambert Lambert & Assoc.
John A. Langbein Bechtel Civil, Inc.
John R. Larson BARR Engineering Inc.
Daniel H. Lau Consulting Engineer
John R. Lavigne The H.L. Turner Group
John Lawrence Consulting Engineer
Michael Ledesma Gannett Fleming
James Legas Consulting Engineer
Frederick H. Legashlen Consulting Engineer
Ronnie M. Lemons Freese & Nichols, Inc.
David M. Leone GZA
Chris Y.K. Lin AGS, Inc.
Roger W. Lindquist CH2M-Hill
Lewis E. Linzell Consulting Engineer
Albert Liou Independent Consultant
William L. Lloyd Consulting Engineer
Charles V. Logie Dames & Moore
Guy S. Lund Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Allison Lunde Hatch
Edwin C. Luttrell, P.E. HDR Engineering, Inc.
Frederick Lux III Ayers Assoc.
Darren Mack Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Scott E. Mahnken Consulting Engineer
Faiz I. Makdisi Sage Engineers
N. Dean Marachi Independent Consultant
B. Dan Marks Marks Enterprises
S. Gordon Marsh Woodward-Clyde Consultants
Tillman Marshall AG&E - Schnabel
Ray E. Martin Schnabel Engineering Assoc.
Authur C. Martin Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
Chad M. Masching GEI Consultants
Lisa M. Martin The H.I Turner Group, Inc
Michael A. McCaffrey WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
Bethann M. McCarthy, P.E. Consulting Engineer
Stephen L. McCaskie Sverdrup Civil Inc.
Dan M. McGill Schnabel Engineering Assoc., Inc.
Clinton W. Mehring Consulting Engineer
James K. Meisenheimer Consulting Engineer
Lelio Mejia Geosyntec Consultants
Girma Mekuria R.W. Beck & Associates, Inc.
Andrew Merritt Consulting Engineer
Michael R. Meyer Cornforth Consultants, Inc.
Mutaz B. Mihyar GEI Consultants
Galen E. Miller, P.E. Burns & McDonnell
John F. Miller H&M Engineering Inc.
David J. Mishalaine Independent Consultant
Keith Moen HDR Engineering, Inc.
Anello F. Monaco EBASCO Services, Inc.
James R. Monin Hatch Acres
Joseph Monroe Schnabel Engineering, Inc.
Dave Moore Tetra Tech
Francis C. Moore Roy F. Weston, Inc.
Derek Morley Geosyntec Consultants
Todd R. Mueller Bergmann Architects, Engineers, and Planners
Robert J. Murdock Consulting Engineer
Janis Murphy Freese and Nichols
David B. Nash Kleinschmidt Associates
A.R. Nasserziayee URS Corporation
Michael J. Newbery MWH Global
F. Barry Newman GAI Consultants Inc
Heather Newton Gomez and Sullivan Engineers
Justin M. Niedzialek Henningson, Durham and Richardson Architecture and Engineering, P.C.
LaMont A. Nigus Consulting Engineer
Cyrus Niamir McMillen Jacobs Associates
Pete Nix Tetra Tech
James M. Noda Consulting Engineer
John H. Northrop Northrop Engineering Corp.
Thomas O'Brien HDR, Engineering, Inc.
Timothy Onstott D'Appolonia Engineering
John P. Osterle Paul C. Rizzo Assoc., Inc.
Daniel S. Owens Washington Infrastructure
Diogenes Padopulos E.C. Jordan Co,
Nicholas Pansic MWH Global
James T. Passage MWH Global
James G. Patrick J.G. Patrick
Warren J. Paul URS Corporation
Michael S. Pavone URS Corporation
Robert T. Peacock Consulting Engineer
Foster Pelton MWH Global
Ed Perez HDR
Charles W. Perry Wahler Assoc.
Myron B. Petrovsky MBP Consulting
Justin Phalen Slate Geotechnical Consultants
Charles W. Pickering Gannett Fleming Water Res.
Jonathan M. Pittman Schnabel Engineering
Robert Pyke, Ph.D., P.E. Arcadis
Rex C. Powell Bergmann Associates
Robert D. Prager Intuition and Logic
Thomas F. Prehoda A. Rieli & Associates, LLC
Kerri Puckett GEI Consultants
Alberto Pujol-Rius MWH Global
John E. Quist Barr Engineering Inc.
Sri Rajah HDR/DTA
Ashok K. Rajpal Mead & Hunt, Inc.
Hosea A. Ramos AECOMM
Alan Rauch Stantec
William A. Rettberg GEI Consultants, Inc.
Robert D. Reynolds Stone & Webster Engineering Corp.
Paul Richards Schnabel Engineering
Gary Van Riessen Consulting Engineer
Paul C. Rizzo Paul C. Rizzo Assoc., Inc.
Gerald C. Robblee Schnabel Engineering
Tom Robertson Cranston Engineering Group, P.C.
E. George Robison McMillen Jacobs Associates
Kenneth V. Rodda Wahler Assoc.
Kevin A. Roell GEI Consultants
Greg Rollins MWH Global
Ralph L. Rollins Rollins, Brown and Gunnell, Inc.
Edwin Rossillion Consulting Engineer
Seymore M. Roth Parsons Main
Alan W. Rothe Ayres, Lewis, Norris, May, Inc.
William S. Rothgeb Black & Veatch
Todd Rudolph, P.E. Ayres Associates
James B. Russell RT Group, Inc.
Jim Rutherford Hatch
Alex Rutledge Schnabel Engineering
John L. Rutledge Freese & Nichols, Inc.
Marc J. Ryan Sage Engineers
Brian E. Sadden MWH Global
Kenneth W. Salo Morrison Maierle, Inc.
Steve A. Samuelson URS Corporation
Richard Sanchez GEI Consultants
Silas Sanderson Schnabel Engineering
Gurbaksh S. Sanghera Gubaksh S. Sanghera
Gurmukh S. Sarkaria Gurmukh S. Sarkaria
Stefan Schadinger WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff
Thomas K. Schafer CH2M Hill
E. Thomas Scherich Thomas Scherich
Paul H. Schiller, P.E. Barr Engineering Company
James R. Schneider CH2M-Hill
Paul G. Schweiger Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Joe Sciandrone Joseph Sciandrone
Rick Scott McMillen Jacobs Associates
Asish Sengupta Hydro Machine Technology, Inc.
Ram P. Sharma Washington Infrastructure, Inc.
Paul F. Shiers WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
Antonio Sison R.W. Beck & Associates, Inc.
Edwin S. Smith Morrison-Knudsen Engineers
William B. Smith HISINC, L.L.C.
Steven H. Snider  
Robert E. Snow D'Appolonia Engineering
Kevin P. Snyder HDR, Engineering, Inc.
Elena Sossenkina HDR
Douglas A. Spaulding Spaulding Consultants
Stephen A. Spicer Kleinschmidt Associates
Julie R. Stanaszek MWH Global
Kenneth F. Standig Consulting Engineer
Dean S. Steines Ayres Associates
Janis Straubergs EBASCO Services, Inc.
Andrew T. Straz Consulting Engineer
James M. Strickland Consulting Engineer
Manoshree Sundaram MWH
Glen R. Tamke Ayres Assoc.
Glen S. Tarbox MWH Global
Matthew Taylor GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
William H. Taylor MWH Global
Charles E. Teale Heynen Engineers
Jason H. Thom DOWL
Donald J. Thompson HDR, Engineering, Inc.
James Thompson Consulting Engineer
Robert A. Thompson Freese & Nichols, Inc.
James M. Tolle DMJM- Phillips-Reister, Inc.
Edward M. Tomlinson Consulting Engineer
Brian Tri Engineering Company
Peter H. Tucker Consulting Engineer
Frederic C. Tucker Dewberry & Davis LLC
Richard J. Tucker RJ Associates
Jeffrey Tucker DuBois & King, Inc.
Jeffrey W. Tucker Debios & King Inc.
Eric M. Turgeon Kleinschmidt Associates
Harold Turner, Jr. The H.L. Turner Group, Inc.
Cecil Urlich Consulting Engineer
Julio E. Valera Knight Piesold
Eric A. Van Deuren Mead & Hunt, Inc.
Gary J. Van Riessen Consulting Engineer
Christopher M. Vella Kleinschmidt Associates
Stephen Verigin GEI Consultants, Inc.
B. Sharan Vijay Indus Engineering
Richard L. Voigt, Jr. Voigt Consultants, LLC
Richard L. Volpe Consulting Engineer
Daniel Wade GEI Consultants
E.E. Walker Benham-Holway Group
George B. Wallace Bovay Engineering
William H. Walton STS Consultants, Ltd.
Gary Wantland Stantec
Paul J. Warren Consulting Engineer
Ronald H. Waters Freese & Nichols, Inc.
Jim Weldon Jim Weldon and Associates, LLC
Richard A. Westmore GEI Consultants Inc.
Tom Westover Cornforth Consultants
Stephen L. Whiteside CDM
Jennifer L. Williams AECOM
John J. Williams Consulting Engineer
L. Chris Wilson Consulting Engineer
David B. Wilson Consulting Engineer
Percy M. Wimberly GAI Consultants, Inc.
Raymond A. Wingert HDR
Bogdan Winiarczyk Woodward-Clyde Consultants
Duncan W. Wood GZA Geoenvironmental In.
R. Lee Wooten GEI Consultants Inc.
Robert S. Wright Consulting Engineer
Jack G. Wulff Wahler Assoc.
M. Gene Yow ECI, Division of Frederic R. Harris
Paul R. Zaman Black & Veatch Engineers
William S. Zoino Goldberg-Zoino & Assoc., Inc.
Daryl E. Zuelke Consulting Engineer
Frederick H. Zurmuhlen Clough, Harbour & Assoc.


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