Your Request
Please provide enough detail so that knowledgeable staff may locate the record(s) with a reasonable amount of effort. The description should include time-frame to be searched, as well as titles of document and offices to be searched. The more detail you provide, the better opportunity there is to determine if the records exist and where.  The FOIA clearly states that records must exist at the time the request is submitted to be considered.
Expedited Processing
(this option available only for requesters primarily engaged in disseminating information)
You MUST provide a justification statement if selected Expedited Processing
Payment of Fees
The Freedom of Information Reform Act of 1986 provides that documents are to be furnished without charge or for a reduction in established fees if disclosure of the information is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the Government and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester. If you request a waiver of fees or a reduction in fees, please explain why it is justified.
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