FERC’s Enforcement program focuses on five priorities:

  • Fraud and market manipulation
  • Anticompetitive conduct
  • Serious violations of the electric reliability standards
  • Threats to the nation’s energy infrastructure and associated impacts on the environment and surrounding communities
  • Conduct that threatens the transparency of regulated markets

The Office of Enforcement seeks to encourage compliance with the Commission’s statutes, rules, and orders. In that regard, the enforcement program gathers information about market behavior, market participants, and market rules; works to bring entities into compliance with the applicable energy statutes, Commission rules, regulations, and tariff provisions; and conducts audits and investigations to evaluate compliance with Commission requirements. The enforcement program encourages entities to adopt robust and effective compliance programs and practices. Where violations occur, the enforcement program seeks the imposition of appropriate remedies, including compliance commitments, disgorgement of unjust profits resulting from the violations, and civil penalties.

This page was last updated on June 22, 2022