In Order No. 649, the Commission committed to provide CEII contact people with whom filers could consult prior to making filings that might contain CEII.

Subject Matter Contact Phone Office
General Filing Instructions Christopher Cook 202-502-8102 Office of the Executive Director
General Questions on CEII Rules Kathryn Allen 202-502-8585 Office of the General Counsel, General and Administrative Law
Dam Safety and Inspection Issues Ken Fearon 202-502-6015 Office of Energy Projects, Division of Dam Safety and Inspection
Justin Smith 202-502-6246
Project Licensing Issues Monte Terhaar 202-502-6105 Office of EnergyProjects, Division of Hydropower Licensing
Gas Pipeline Certificate Applications & Engineering Issues Scott Merritt 202-502-8027 Office of Energy Projects, Division of Pipeline Certificates
Gas Pipeline Environmental & Engineering Issues Terry Turpin 202-502-8558 Office of Energy Projects, Division of Gas Environment and Engineering
Electric Issues     Office of Electric Reliability


Contact Information

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