The following shows how to submit a tariff and completed application using the eTariff system. If you are a new Seller  and need information regarding what to include in an application, see our initial application guide. For information regarding XML, see our xml guide. For a cheat sheet of market-based rate eTariff codes, see out eTariff Filing eCode guides.

Order No. 714, requires all filings that contain tariff sheets to be submitted through the eTariff system. Below is a guide on how to make your initial eTariff filing.

Register Your Company

  1. Go to FERC Online and click on New User.
  2. Fill out and submit the form. You will receive and ID and password.
  3. Go to Log In. Use your ID and password to log in to FERC Online.
  4. Go to the Company Registration page, and click on "Register a company for the first time."
    • Under Regulatory Program, select "FPA (Market Based Rate) Public Utilities."
    • Please select the button to indicate that yours is a Required Filing Company.
    • On the Forms page, please check the following boxes:
      eTariff, MBR  and EQR.
    • Please select any other Agents from the dropdown that you permit to make your filings.
    • You will receive a Company Identifier (CID) and password.

Create Your .xml File

  1. Download a Sample XML file.
  2. Use the eTariff Filing Codes for market-based rate filing document and Tables for the XML Schema to populate your .xml file with the correct metadata.
  3. Save your .xml file.
  4. Zip your .xml file (and only your .xml file - not the documents).
  5. Submit your .xml file to our Sandbox Electronic Test Site.
    • Please review the Test File Instruction Guide.
    • Correct any errors you receive and resubmit to the Sandbox.
    • Continue correcting any errors and resubmitting until no errors are reported.

Submit your Filing

  1. Log on to FERC Online.
  2. Click eFiling.
  3. Under "How is your filing to be directed?" choose Electric.
  4. Under "What kind of filing are you making?" choose eTariff.
  5. Under "Filing Type (Fee)" choose eTariff and click Next.
  6. Select from the dropdown the company for which you are submitting a filing.
  7. Upload the zip file that contains your .xml file.
  8. You will receive 2 emails verifying that we received your filing:
    • If you receive any errors, amend your .xml file and resubmit your filing.
    • If you receive Warnings, your filing has been received, but you need to double-check that you submitted the correct information as such warnings are indications that what you submitted is different than what we normally receive.

This page was last updated on December 04, 2023