Creating a diverse workforce is important to ensure employees represent every segment of society. As an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, FERC provides reasonable accommodations to remove workplace barriers for individuals with disabilities. There are a number of ways individuals can apply for positions with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. For individuals with disabilities, one of those paths is the “Schedule A” Hiring Authority for people with disabilities.

What is Schedule A?

The Schedule A Hiring Authority is a non-competitive hiring tool for persons with disabilities. To apply using Schedule A, you must submit documentation (referred to as a Schedule A letter) that proves you have an intellectual, severe physical, or psychiatric disability.

How can I obtain a Schedule A letter?

The Schedule A letter serves as “Proof of Disability Documentation”. This documentation lets agencies like FERC know that you are eligible to apply using Schedule A. It is advisable to have this letter ready before you apply under the Schedule A Hiring Authority. A sample Schedule A letter can be found here.

 You can request this documentation from:

  • Your doctor;
  • A licensed medical professional;
  • A licensed rehabilitation professional; or
  • Any federal, state, District of Columbia, or US territory agency that issues or provides disability benefits.

The proof of disability documentation needs to specify that you are eligible to apply using Schedule A. It does NOT need to detail your specific disability, medical history, or need for accommodation.

How do I apply for FERC positions using Schedule A?

All of our vacancies are posted on our website at You can view the “Qualifications & Evaluation” section of each job announcement to match your experience to our positions. When you are ready to apply, use USAJOBS to upload your resume and Schedule A documentation to apply for positions.

If you have additional questions about Schedule A eligibility, or want to share your resume for future FERC vacancies, please contact the Disability Program Manager, at 

What are additional resources I can reference to learn more about federal employment for individuals with disabilities?

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Office of Personnel Management


This page was last updated on March 23, 2023