February 1, 2017 - Webinar on FERC Filing Procedures for Settlements

How Settlements Resolve Conflicts

When there are allegations of market abuse or violations of the Federal Power Act or the Natural Gas Act the Commission investigates the matter. Often the Commission will send a case to an administrative hearing where Staff and the involved parties’ present evidence to an Administrative Law Judge. These hearings are often lengthy and expensive.

As an alternative to litigation, the Commission’s Dispute Resolution Service provides parties with the opportunity to resolve conflicts through voluntary Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR allows the parties to maintain more control over the process to find a mutually acceptable outcome. DRS will help parties to craft and work through a confidential mediation process and serve as the neutral. The goal of ADR is to find a business solution to disputes arising under the Federal Power Act or Natural Gas Act.

Cases set for hearing can also be sent to Settlement Judge Proceedings. Also a form of ADR that assists the parties in finding resolution and avoiding litigation.

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