About OPP

Pursuant to Section 319 of the Federal Power Act, as amended on November 15, 2021, in Public Act 117-58 the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act the Commission has established the the Office of Public Participation (OPP) to assist the public with Commission proceedings.  The Commission has produced a public report to guide the development of the office based on stakeholder feedback during listening sessions, a full-day workshop, and a written comment period. 

The public can contact OPP now for assistance navigating Commission proceedings of all types.  Examples include questions on when and how to intervene, comment, file motions, or seek rehearing.  OPP will not assist in the actual drafting of pleadings and other submissions.  

OPP is beginning operations with limited staff, so we appreciate the public’s understanding and patience if OPP cannot immediately respond.  Ongoing and additional support will be further determined and established by the incoming OPP Director.

Office Mission and Functions

Office Mission

The Office of Public Participation’s mission is to empower, promote, and support public voices at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


Engages with the public through direct outreach and education to facilitate greater understanding of Commission processes and solicit broader participation in matters before the Commission.

Acts as a liaison to members of the public affected by and interested in Commission proceedings, by providing ongoing process information on individual proceedings and responding to requests for technical assistance.

Coordinates with Commission program offices to improve, or, as appropriate, make recommendations to improve existing Commission processes in a manner responsive to public input, with the goal of ensuring processes are inclusive, fair, and easy to navigate.

Provides advice and recommendations to the Commission with respect to intervenor funding.

In carrying out these functions, OPP will work closely with the Commission’s Office of External Affairs intergovernmental advisor, the Office of General Counsel including the Senior Counsel for Environmental Justice and Equity, and the Office of Energy Projects, amongst others.  This collaboration will better ensure that the concerns of Tribal members, environmental justice communities, and other historically marginalized communities are fully and fairly considered in Commission proceedings.

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