The document descriptions in eLibrary are intended to identify the filer (organization or person), the type of filing, the subject, and the applicable docket or project number to assist users in searching for material in the system. These descriptions should not include editorial or qualitative comments. FERC will review all descriptions for eFiled documents and modify them if necessary to exclude editorial comments.

FERC already prepares the descriptions for paper documents added to eLibrary. The policy clarified herein will lead to greater consistency in the descriptions for both eFiled and other documents in eLibrary.

The suggested format for eLibrary document descriptions is:
[Company or individual] submits [document type, such as application, comments, complaint, testimony] for or on [subject, such as for XYZ Project, or Proposed Rulemaking on ABC] [in Docket/Sub. No.]


  • Company or individual is the name of the company, organization, or government entity, or the name of the individual if the author is representing himself.
  • Document type is the type of document or form. Options may also be found at Class/Type Information
  • Subject is the policy, rule, case, project, or benefit, being discussed, requested, or commented on.
  • Docket/Sub. No. is the FERC docket and sub-docket no., if available for docketed material.

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This page was last updated on November 18, 2022