Offices/Organizations Acronyms Org Charts Descriptions
Office of Administrative Law Judges OALJ OALJ Org Chart Resolve contested cases as directed by the Commission effectively, efficiently and expeditiously, either through impartial hearing and decision or through negotiated settlement, ensuring that the rights of all parties are preserved. Assists interested parties engaged in disputes together to promote consensual decision making through services such as mediation, negotiation and facilitation.
Office of Administrative Litigation OAL OAL Org Chart Litigates or otherwise resolves cases set for hearing. Represent the public interest and seek to litigate or settle cases in a timely, efficient and equitable manner while ensuring the outcomes are consistent with Commission policy.
Office of Electric Reliability OER OER Org Chart Oversees the development and review of mandatory reliability and security standards. Ensures compliance with the approved mandatory standards by the users, owners, and operators of the bulk power system.
Office of Energy Infrastructure Security OEIS OEIS Org Chart Provides leadership, expertise and assistance to the Commission to identify, communicate and seek comprehensive solutions to potential risks to FERC-jurisdictional facilities from cyber attacks and such physical threats as electromagnetic pulses.
Office of Energy Market Regulation OEMR OEMR Org Chart Analyzes filings submitted by electric utilities, and natural gas and oil pipelines to ensure that rates, terms and conditions of service are just and reasonable and not unduly discriminatory or preferential. Provides support to the Commission on matters involving market design relating to electric, natural gas, and oil pipeline services. Analyzes filings submitted by the Electric Reliability Organization dealing with its budget, rules of procedure, and bylaws.
Office of Energy Policy and Innovation OEPI OEPI Org Chart Coordinates the development of policies and rules that address emerging challenges in the electric and natural gas industries. Evaluates the energy markets and interstate grid to improve economic efficiency, system operations, and reliability in light of new developments and in response to state and federal public policies.
Office of Energy Projects OEP OEP Org Chart Facilitate potential benefits to the nation through the review of natural gas and hydropower infrastructure proposals and minimize risks to the public associated with FERC jurisdictional energy infrastructure
Office of Enforcement OE OE Org Chart Serves the public interest by guiding the evolution and operation of energy markets to ensure effective regulation and protecting customers through understanding markets and their regulation, timely identifying and remedying market problems, assuring compliance with rules and regulations, and detecting and crafting penalties to address market manipulation.
Office of External Affairs OEA OEA Org Chart OEA is responsible for communications and public relations of the Commission. OEA provides informational and educational services to Congress; federal, state and local governments; the news media and the public; and regulated industries, consumer and public interest groups. This office also is the Commission’s liaison with foreign governments.
Office of the Executive Director OED OED Org Chart Provides administrative support services to the Commission including human resources, procurement, information technology, organizational management, financial, logistics and others.
Office of the General Counsel OGC OGC Org Chart Provide legal services to the Commission. OGC represents the Commission before the courts and Congress and is responsible for the legal aspects of the Commission’s activities.
Office of the Secretary OSEC OSEC Org Chart The Secretary of the Commission serves as the official focal point through which all filings are made for all proceedings before the Commission, notices of proceedings are given, and from which all official actions are issued by the Commission. The Secretary promulgates and publishes all orders, rules, and regulations of the Commission and prescribes the issuance date for these unless such date is prescribed by the Commission.

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