The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has directed South Carolina Electric and Gas Company (SCE&G), licensee for the Saluda Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 516) to strengthen Saluda Dam so that it can withstand an earthquake the size of the Charleston earthquake of 1886. To protect thousands of people, the Commission has directed SCE&G to lower Lake Murrayto elevation 345 feet during excavation at the toe (base) of the dam. It is expected that this drawdown will begin about October 1, 2002, and last for about 20 months. The 345 foot elevation is about 7 - 13 feet below the usual lake level, which varies seasonally.

Information and Notices related to the remediation project:

Environmental Assessment The Commission is preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) to identify the impacts of the drawdown and to identify measures that could be implemented to mitigate (lessen) the impacts associated with the drawdown. This process includes public Scoping Meetings to solicit input on resource areas that may be impacted as well as potential mitigative measures.


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